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Niagara Falls NY, Poetry in Motion

The Niagara Falls is among the best known waterfalls all over the world. The Falls are on the Niagara River, and are of voluminous size. While the height of the Niagara Falls NY is not that impressive, the width is certainly extremely on the high side. The water fall is the most powerful in entire North America. Every minute, close to six million cubic feet, ( close to hundred and sixty thousand sq meters ) of water cascades over the crest line, and the average is about 4 million cu ft ( 110 thousand ).

The Niagara Falls are famous the world over as an incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon, and is among the most visited attractions in the United States. The Falls are over the Niagara River that lies straddled between the boundaries of the United States and Canada. The river is over the border between the state of New York in the United States and the Ontario Province in Canada. The falls are located at a distance of about twenty seven kilo meters ( seventeen miles ) top the north north west of Buffalo in New York State, and one hundred and twenty kilo meters ( seventy five miles ) to the south south east of Toronto in Ontario. The Falls lie in between the two twin cities Niagra Falls Ontario and Niagra Falls NY.

The Niagara Falls is an important source of hydro electric power. Niagara Falls NY, is the biggest generator of electricity in the state of New York. The Niagara falls are visited by a good number of sight seers everyday. The most number of visitors come here in the summer season, which is a peak time for tourists to the Niagara Falls. At this period the Niagara Falls is an attraction both during the day as well as night. At the Canadian side of the Falls, both sides of the Falls are illuminated by huge floodlights that stay on till midnight.  Close to 20 million visitors come here annually, and this number is set to rise even more in the coming years. The most famous as well as the oldest of the tourist attractions at Niagara Falls is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise. The cruise boat was named after an old Indian mythical character from the Ongiara tribe. The cruise boat has carried tourists to the rapids in the immediate location below the Niagara Falls ever since the yea 1846. There are also cruise boats in operation from both sides of the falls.

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