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Nahuel Huapi National Park

Fri, Nov 27, 2009 1 Comment


Craving to take a look at magnificent lakes, fascinating mountains, lively wild life, and pleasant valleys in a one go than Nahuel Huapi National Park is the place that is inviting you towards itself. Nahuel Huapi National Park is renowned for its prominent wild life and it is a paradise for sightseers and trekkers. Even the mountaineers can enjoy the place fully as well is it is good for the people interested in camping out. The presence of many floras is verifying its status of being known as one of the richest wildlife centers in the world. One of the desirable places in the park is Valle Encantada where rains and wind has generated the rocks in its surroundings.

Nahuel Huapi National Park

Origin of the park

The park is located on the land donated by Dr Francisco P Moreno, known for his contributions to science and also for playing a major role in the establishment of the Argentine Scientific Society. During its foundation in the year 1903, the park’s name was Nacional del Sur however, it became Nahuel Huapi National Park in the year 1934. ‘Nahuel’ and ‘Huapi’ are words of Mapuche language and the words jointly mean ‘Tiger Island’. Placed in Patagonia, the park is one of the primeval national parks and a significant site in Argentina.

San Carlos de Bariloche

The park is extended upto 2,927 sq mi and the biggest city within the park is San Carlos de Bariloche and the city is regarded as the best spot for tourism. The city provides better opportunities to the local music artists. You can reach the city by air or else take train or a bus from any part of Argentina.

Similarly, other surrounding areas of the park are famous for its artworks prepared from wood, pottery, leather, and metal, among all.

Cool Lakes

Once in the park, you could be able to take glimpses of beautiful lake as the place contains many lakes and locations of the lakes are known as Argentine Lake District. Some of the breathtaking lakes are named as Lago Mascardi, Lago Gutiérrez, Lago Nahuel Huapi, and Lago Moreno, among others. The lakes get the water from melting snows and rains and Nahuel Huapí is one of the significant basins in the park.

Isla Huemul, One of the renowned islands of Argentina, can be seen in this vicinity.

Positioned Mountains

Whereas, if talking about mountains present in the park, Cerro Tronador  is the tallest one. Some other mountains those height ranges between 1800 include Cuyín Manzano, Capilla, Santa Elena, Bastion, Crespo, Campana, Milaqueo, among others.

Cerro Tronador mountain

Find ‘floras’

As far as floras in the parks are concerned than we can say that it contains many of them. Some of the names are ferns, arrayanes, caña colihue reeds, coihues, among all.

Irresistible weather

The park is loved by all the seasons of the year and you can be there in any of the 12 months. During wintry weather, you can see the mountains full of snow, the spring brings flowing waterfalls, generated from snow melting, for you.

Enjoy activities

You can enjoy many activities in the spot and these are:

Water sports


Mountain climbing

Horse riding

Boat excursions

Land excursions


The roads are in a very good condition and will allow you to walk, ride bike and the adventurous among all is horse riding. Along with this, you can move for trips and participate in several spare time activities that are organized nearby.

It will allow you to take a look at 10,000 year old history as the place contains many objects that will display the archeological development of the city.

Getting to the park

You can reach the park from the city of Bariloche that is located around the park. In an attempt to arrive in the city, you can use Bariloche airport. If want to go by land route than move from the route No-237 of North and from the South part it is Route no-258.  The lake route is also available and even you can hire a car or bike.

Accommodation facilities near the park

Nido Del Condor Resort and Spa

The 5-star Resort is positioned near Nahuel Huapi Lake and the structure is prepared in a very traditional style.

Villa Sofia Resort and Spa

The hotel is located in San Carlos DeBariloche and base of the Andes Mountain is also positioned in the hotel premises.

Blue Tree Hotels Bariloche

It is a 4-star hotel and from here you can be able to take a magnificent sight of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Isla Victoria Hotel

From here you can be able to take look at pantagonia’s attractive sights. A 5-stat hotel also contains bar, spa and provides all types of drinks.

The La Cascada

It is placed near Nahuel Huapi Lake and you can take a look at lively nature from the hotel premises. The 5-star hotel contains gym, game zones and a spa.

The Ivalu Hotel

The atmosphere is very informal and pleasurable and came into existence almost 30 years back.

Kenton Palace

The hotel is located near the local airport and also contains a piano bar.

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One Response to “Nahuel Huapi National Park”

  1. vareeja Says:

    The park is famous for its rich wildlife and it covers many biotopes, due to altitudes ranging from 700 to 3,000 m and precipitation ranging from rain forests with 4,000 mm/yr on the western slopes to steppes with less than 300 mm/yr on the eastern side.

    Cerro Tronador, on the Chilean border, is the highest mountain in the park at 3,491m


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